A showcase of the FPS Controller, free source-code for all to use CC-0

This controller includes the movement of:

  • Walking, Crouching, Sprinting
  • Vaulting, Sliding, Swimming
  • Climbing Ladders and Ledges
  • Wall-running

It also includes all of the gun features:

  • Easily add new and unique weapons
  • Quickly customize every aspect of a gun
  • Have a list of guns that you can cycle through
  • Arm IK for easy animating each weapon and interacting with the world
  • And obviously shooting and reloading

It also includes an interaction controller!

Click here for the YouTube video, source code in the description!

NOTE: Don't forget to click into the game if you are playing on the webpage! You can't move before you do that!

Published 23 days ago
PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Made withUnity
Tags3D, First-Person, guns, Low-poly, Open Source, Singleplayer, sourcecode, tutorial, Unity


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Shooter-Win.zip 20 MB


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Nice work bro

I'm kinda dissappointed that it doesn't have rocket jumping. but the other things are very good

Amazing! I saw the post in reddit!

I was randomly scrolling reddit yesterday and occasionly found your post. Big thank you :) 

It is a very good movement for beginning! Like it!


its SO SLOW that i cant really get a good idea of how it works

Never had a problem with it. Maybe try downloading the windows version instead

I don't mean the performance I mean the movement speed, gravity and sensitivity


Lol, seriously?
The guy gives you a free source code, you can do whatever you want with it :D tweak some variables.